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Business Organizations, Purchases and Sales

Whether starting a new business from scratch, or buying or selling a multi-generational family business, we can help.

We can help you with forming and crafting the governing documents for a new business entity that are specific to your needs.  Unlike “canned” documents you might find from an online vendor, our company documents are tailored to fit your specific business needs.

Buying and selling a business , even in a “simple” deal, is a complex matter, and requires detailed knowledge of the pitfalls that await unwary buyers and sellers.  Allocating the risk of loss prior to the closing, protecting valuable trade secrets during due-diligence, minimizing exposure to third-party liability, and seeking maximum tax benefits in the transaction are just a few of the parts of a business sale and purchase transaction that we evaluate for our clients.

Let our experienced attorneys help you with your next business transaction.


Deceptive Email Alert

It has come to our attention that bogus emails appearing to originate from wes (at) jordanlawfirm (dot) com
have been spammed out to numerous people in the last 24-72 hours (from March 9, 2023).
There are various subject lines, including one that says "Your $2,750.00 from EAP".

These messages appear to have originated from Nigeria.  We are taking appropriate steps to counteract them.
Please do not open any of these messages and delete immediately.  Please do not click any links contained in them.

We appreciate those who have called to let us know about the issue, and we are very sorry for the inconvenience.